‘Our Own’: an original ALIEN tale.



Reading through the lesser-active forums in AvPGalaxy can be an interesting adventure and welcome respite. I came across this original comic tale there and wanted to share.


It is an original creation called, “Our Own”, collaboratively written and illustrated by Laura Bellmont and Michael Falotico.


Cover image of “Our Own”; property of Laura Bellmont & Michael Falotico.


There are two parts to it:

Home and Hearth has a Victorian aesthetic that includes androids. Story: Bellmont; Art: Falotico

A panel from Home and Hearth.



Greenhouse has a touch of that Alien3 mythological vibe in its approach to the creature. Story: Falotico, Art: Bellmont

A panel from Greenhouse.


The stories are an interesting blend of the familiar and the new; both of them gothic twists that had me thinking of H.P. Lovecraft’s horror. The milieu is futuristic, but not set amid flickering computer monitors and blinking lights. Not a space-trucker in sight, but that is not a bad thing, at least in this case.

In a day when many tales of ALIEN are often deft re-tellings of the original, this one stands out in its approach and execution.

Read “Our Own”.



“Our Own” is a collaborative comic created by Michael Falotico and Laura Bellmont. Inspired by “Alien” fan fiction, each artist wrote a script and exchanged it to be illustrated by the other. The stories are independent from each other but together present an interesting take on the beloved Ridley Scott series.

Source: Our Own


Thanks, Corporal Hicks, for the post.




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