Going over the Nostromo, with Mr. E Models.



Eric Moore (that amiable Brit known for his Effectively Speaking podcast) has put together this pair of videos for his Mr. E Models YouTube channel. Trivia question: What was the final color of the Nostromo miniature? Read on to find out…


Eric brings a considerable appreciation for the model to his project. His model-making skills can be witnessed on his Mr. E Models Facebook Page. His style is reminiscent of the 1970s model-making seen in shows like those in the massive Gerry Anderson catalog. And, he does props too!

It is a pleasure to share these videos with you because Eric has always been a gentleman who enjoys sharing his knowledge about movies and special effects with like-minded fans!

In one of his well-edited Effectively Speaking podcasts, Eric covered the undocking of the Nostromo from the refinery, as well as an interview with none other than Martin Bower, one of the builders of the original studio miniatures of the craft.

Eric chooses a particular scene, plays it through, and then discusses it (often with a guest). A friend of mine once complimented this approach, noting that discussing a video sequence in an audio-only format would seem to be the wrong way to go about it entirely. For me, Eric has the skill and the talent to convey the excitement and drama of the movie scene he has chosen. The guy loves SFX!

The two videos I am sharing today are much different: they are brief but share Eric’s trademark conversational approach. (It is almost as if you’re enjoying a couple of pints while he shows off his workbench.)

And maybe he will post more…





Oh, I’m sorry; I started this post with a trivia question, didn’t I?  The answer to the question will be found in Eric’s second video.






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