Lippincott leads discussion on “the box alien”.



Since Alien: The Illustrated Story (Archie Goodwin, Walter Simonson. 1979) was published, the “box alien” scene involving Ripley and the Big Chap has been puzzled over by fans of the movie.


In the scene in the comic adaptation, Ripley (with Jones in tow) is fleeing to the shuttle, having found the remains of Parker and Lambert. She encounters a strange shape in the passageway…


Ripley flees to shuttle. From Alien: The Illustrated Story.


What is this in the passageway? From Alien: The Illustrated Story.


In the thread, posted by Charles Lippencott (Advertising & Publicity Consultant, Alien; and editor, The Book of Alien), he leads the conversation of whether or not the box alien scene was ever filmed, with input from Walter Simonson (artist), David J. Schow (consulting editor, Warren Presents ALIEN), and other informed voices.



A perfect example of how a “hot topic” with many viewpoints can be discussed in a mature manner with fans and the professionals who produced the material!

Who would have ever imagined this would have happened on Facebook?



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