A most excellent gift!



“The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than in its value.”

Charles Dudley Warner


This quote, by an American essayist and contemporary of Mark Twain, seemed fitting to describe my state of mind today upon receiving an unexpected present in the mail.


This is what I received:

(front and back of the exhibit program card)


Now, to understand why the quote applies in this particular situation, you’d have to know that I have a habit that goes back decades, long before the internet and its digitalized media: Whenever I would go to a museum, a play, a movie, or any other kind of event, I loaded up on lobby cards, bookmarks, posters, or any other kind of print media.

It was sometimes the only way to have a souvenir of the event. (Remember that glossary sheet they handed out at the David Lynch Dune showing? For years, I held on to that until time and cheap printing saw that fall into tatters.)

Nowadays, it’s very different: You can buy bling from an event and never have even darkened the doors of the venue!

So when I received these program cards, I was beside myself! (Even now, I write this with a bit of a lump in my throat…)

Taken at face value, these cards are just inexpensive (but finely printed!) promotional materials provided free to attendees of the USC exhibit. But to me, they’re up near the top of my ALIEN collection treasures because they were sent by a friend who thought enough to pick them up and forward them to me!


Here’s more about the exhibit:

From the USC website.



And for photographs from my friend’s trip, click below:



Merci Cinesfx Fred! Tu es un roi parmi les hommes!




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