The first ALIEN RPG newsletter is out.



Publisher Fria Ligan announced today that their first newsletter is out!  And among the names mentioned, I saw one I recognized…


Yes, folks: none other than John R. Mullaney ( is listed as a freelancer whose work will be featured in this upcoming product!  Read more about it at the link below:



What really got my attention was this, from their email about the product:

Cinematic scenarios for the ALIEN RPG will work in very much the same way as the films. But for Campaign mode, we need to flesh out the universe and present the ALIEN world of 2183 AD to you as a cohesive whole. The full game will have meaty chapters on governments, corporations, star systems, planetscolonies, and xenomorphs, as well as a beautiful star map of known space for you to explore.



Congratulations, John!




    1. Right! They also wrote this in the email: “Most ALIEN films tell a horryfing and thrilling story with a tight focus. They generally don’t reveal that much detail about the greater universe, instead leaving the viewer with largely unexplained names of locations and organizations to spark the imagination.” So it sounds like we’re in for a treat.


      1. No doubt! I can’t wait to see these background details, for sure. I took a stab at it years ago, but it didn’t feel right. Wonder if they will stick with the background details in Leading Edge Games’ ‘Aliens Adventure Game’?

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