Strange Shapes speaks in “Interview at Yutani Blog.”



[Ed. note: correction made to show the correct author of the interview.]

How do I love thee, Strange Shapes? Let me count the ways…

  1. I love that you share generously your information about ALIEN.
  2. I love that you’re not afraid to do the hard research, which unearths gems of clarity.
  3. I love your humble and literary approach to the material.
  4. I love that your online handle (Valaquen) gives you and I an (additional) Tolkien connection.
  5. I love that you’ve stepped up to speak about your website.

I could go on…

Yes, you could say I am a fan of Valaquen’s work; so it should come as no surprise that I would want to share it with my friends.

If as an ALIEN fan, you’re no longer fooled with such statements like “there’s a continuity goof in the computer boot-up opening scene where that coffee cup disappears!”, you will enjoy spending hours poring over the research at Strange Shapes.

Recently, Johnny spoke with Mike Andrews (OfficerJoek) Clara (Yutani Blog) about his site, the movies, and — when it comes to the ALIEN movies — what makes this Scotsman tick.

Well done, both of you!

You can read Johnny’s introduction, via Interview at Yutani Blog, and from there go to the interview itself.




  1. Thank you, but it was my trusty friend and admin Mike Andrews (OfficerJoek) who interviewed Valaquen. It was a pleasure to read and soon after I decided to support him on Patreon, his work is so very valuable to the community.



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