Okay, Ridley: here’s something guaranteed to scare you!



In the video below, ALIEN director Ridley Scott encouraged fans to send him content to “scare” him.

Well, what I have to share isn’t terrifying, but all the same it is pretty scary…


So, if you missed the video, here it is:




What I have to share to “scare” the old boy is this:



Yep, you guessed it: an obscure, niche-interest website that obsesses on the Nostromo, as depicted in ALIEN. For 40 years I’ve loved that old ship; for 20 of those years, I labored over a website that brought as much as possible in one place for fans of the ship and the movie; even now, when others have arguably gone far beyond my humble efforts, and despite the fact that many fans are all about the Alien (sorry, don’t like to call it the Xenomorph!), I’ll still always be toiling away at this little backwater site about the Nostromo.


Pretty scary when you think about it, eh?


@alienanthology #myalien40th




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