Memories of Nostromo: J. M.’s story


J. M. Prater is an avid Alien blogger and podcaster. I first met him when he interviewed me for an episode of his Perfect Organism: The Alien Saga Podcast. J. M. lives in the US, where he is currently working to release his original feature-length audio drama set in the Alien universe..



Nostromo: A Blush Response

Like many fans, I didn’t discover Ridley Scott’s masterpiece, Alien, until well after my introduction to James Cameron’s seminal sequel, Aliens (1986). When I finally sat down to watch Alien, I was much older than the 12 years of age, seeing Aliens for the first time. Alien was a completely different experience.



Instead of an atmosphere of action and intensity, Alien introduced me into a silence, a womb, a ship that felt like a blanketed den by candlelight on a cold winter’s night. That’s the best way I can describe it. Since Alien, I have seen many space vessels, awesome ships, none of them have measured up to the detail and design of the Nostromo. The Nostromo wasn’t just a ship, it was literally and figuratively mother/MUTHUR.



There’s a scene, after the exploratory crew has returned, and Kane is in stasis, Ripley, Brett, Parker and Dallas are sitting in this half circle. Dallas has his legs up. They seem completely at ease. When I think about spending months or years in a ship, I think about being in atmosphere that promotes emotional and spiritual health.



The Nostromo, a part from being a very industrial space truck, also felt like a cathedral, nestled among the heavens, bound for home.



JM Prater
Founder and Host of Perfect Organism: The Alien Saga Podcast




[Ed. note: Originally published on: Nov 9, 2017 @ 08:00]


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