Thedus-Epsilon Ret Ships First Iron Ore from Upgraded Port.



(The following news release was discovered in the Weylan-Yutani corporate archives and is posted here for educational purposes only.)





Thedus-Epsilon Ret Ships First Iron Ore from Upgraded Port

19 Apr 2109. W-Y News Service.

Thedus City spaceport.


THEDUS CITY, April 19 (W-YNS) – Thedus-Epsilon Ret shipped its first iron ore exports on Friday from a rehabilitated Outer Rim space port that will be used by galactic conglomerate Weylan-Yutani Corporation.

The company’s natural resources division mined the first iron ore from Thedus in 2101, from its Maykmune project in the southern hemisphere, and plans to reach output of 100 million tonnes per year by 2122.

Interstellar Commerce Commission estimates show that Weylan-Yutani is spending over $5.5 trillion on rehabilitation to Thedus City’s space port, the Maykmune mine and a maglev system connecting the two.

At a ceremony on Friday in Thedus City attended by various dignitaries, a ship loaded with 23,000 tonnes of raw ore was launched to meet the orbiting automated refinery that will process the material during its return voyage to Earth.

“We are heading towards more than 20 years of production on Thedus,” said Salazar Rugande, colonial administrator.

Iron ore prices are near their highest in two years, spurred by growing demand from Earth and the increased colonization schedule beyond the Core Systems.

Thedus’s struggling colonial economy has been hit hard in recent years by low ore prices, which led its debt to balloon. It is currently negotiating with the Interstellar Monetary Fund to try to secure a bailout.


Thedus City is the economic capital of the planet Thedus, located in the Epsilon Reticuli star system, approximately 59 light–years from Earth.


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For additional information, please contact:

I. P. Frehley, Weylan-Yutani Corporate News Division, Yellow River, Japan.





[Editor’s note: the preceding bit of fun was written using ‘Congo Republic Ships First Iron Ore from Upgraded Port‘, from the Reuters news service and posted on the gCaptain website. It was edited and used to illustrate an exercise in creating content for the future Alien Universe using contemporary terminology and writing styles. The original story is property of the Reuters news service.]





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