ALIEN: A CTV sighting!



I have found the 40th anniversary Alien short films to be very entertaining. While re-watching Alien: Night Shift (by director Aidan Brezonick), I made a startling discovery…


As the film opens, a disoriented space trucker named Harper is found in an alley by a co-worker. It is clear that something is not quite right with Harper. (As the camera moves through the scene, the “something not quite right” is revealed at the bottom of screen left.)

But if you watch the background in this clip, you will see a shadowy object moving through the sliver of sky framed between the buildings.

After seeing images of the Nostromo for 40 years, I noticed several familiar shapes as the shadow moved up the frame.

It looks to me like the ship is either a commercial towing vehicle or something very much like one!

Watch for yourself:



I found the following images to show you the elements of the Nostromo that I see in the image in the short film:








Wherever High Lonesome Mining Colony is located, there’s apparently a busy spaceport close by.

Decide for yourself, but for my money, I think director Brezonick’s choice here adds a very nice touch of detail to his film that firmly roots us in the Alien universe.

Watch Alien: Night Shift in its entirety.

Find the rest of the Alien 40th Anniversary Short Films at IGN’s channel.


Nice work, Aidan!

Special thanks to IGN for permission to use the clip for purposes of illustrating Brezonick’s grasp of the Alien universe!



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