That last breath of air… before the plunge!


For your consideration, I offer this brief musical reverie, wherein one of the Nostromo crew’s last quiet moments is marked.

The horror of Kane’s death and the bloody birth of the chestburster have passed just a few hours before. The crew, stunned by these brutal violations, have gathered to commend their crewmate’s remains to the deeps of space.

Their lack of last words to mark the occasion might be explained by the effects of the trauma visited upon them.

Dark thoughts already linger in their facial expressions as they view the enshrouded body on the tiny display screen.

It won’t be long now before the rollercoaster-ride of horror consumes them totally,  as they struggle to survive.

As things worsen, one wonders if they might envy Kane his early exit…

This track, entitled “Into Eternity”, will put you firmly into the moment…

Enjoy… if you dare.

Remastered original ALIEN 1979 soundtrack courtesy of Álvaro G. Plata & YY Chromosome. Hear all 27 tracks by clicking here.



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