David: A new album by Aphotic Apathy.


We all know what a “David” is, but what is an “Aphotic Apathy”?

According to the dictionary:

aphotic [ey-foh-tik]  adjective. 1. lightless; dark.

apathy [apuh-thee] noun. 1. absence or suppression of passion, emotion, or excitement. 2. lack of interest in or concern for things that others find moving or exciting.

It might be said that an aphotic apathy is an emotional state in which you find yourself sitting in a dark room, bored out of your wits. While that might be oversimplifying things, it certainly is not true about the musical project called Aphotic Apathy.

Since 1979, ALIEN films have mesmerized us with atmospheric sounds and music that bring meaning, emotion, and yes even TERROR to the events that play out on the screen. In the category of musical fan releases, Aphotic Apathy’s latest work is no different…

DAVID (released March 25, 2019)

This album will take you through a surreal, Dark, Space Ambiance of David-8 mind, a journey for further study of the Engineers, His descent into a darker personality when he begins his own experiments.


The eight tracks of the new album “David” provide a “Top 8” list of things that will forever be associated with this artificial being: David | Aphotic Apathy. Even the original artwork for the cover (by Anne Terkelsen) evokes the “there’s-something-just-not-right-about-this-guy” qualities of the 8th iteration of the AI created by Peter Weyland, released June 2090*.

I discovered the creator of this ethereal music project back in 2015, when Alex Alexander released “The Nostromo” album (see below); twelve tracks of ambient music that evoke the familiar… the alien… and much more in between, as the Nostromo does herself.

In addition, Alex has released other ALIEN prequel-related albums on his Bandcamp site, each capturing a unique facet of the prequels. Here is the list:

THE ENGINEERS (released March 15, 2015)

The album will take you through a very dark perspective in ambiance. It’s centered around a team of explorers who are searching for mankind’s creator.


THE NOSTROMO (released March 30, 2015)

This album will take you through a Dark Ambiance of the events that occurred pertaining to the crew of The USCSS Nostromo and what they discovered and recovered back to The Nostromo leading to it’s untimely destruction.


THE SPACE JOCKEY (released April 11, 2015)

This album will center on the mystery of The Space Jockey in it’s Biomechanical state of being in a Dark/industrial Ambiance.


THE ELDERS (released June 5, 2015)

This album will encompass a Space, Ethereal and Dark Ambient atmosphere that showcases the Elders life in the way they conduct themselves as Creators.


PARADISE (released April 30, 2016)

The sequel release to album The Engineers of Aphotic Apathy featuring the lore of Prometheus.


So please welcome this positive additional source of creativity in our little ALIEN universe.

Nice work, Alex! You have joined the ever-growing “The Nostromo Files” list of creatives making a difference, broadening our enjoyment of the ALIEN universe with the work you do. (Of course, the bad news is that being on that list won’t pay your Internet service bill, but maybe this post will gin up a little support for your project.)

Take a trip over to Aphotic Apathy’s Bandcamp site and have a listen… and if you like it well enough, buy the music. (I did.)


And let him know “The Nostromo Files” sent you!

Aphotic Apathy is a Space/Dark Ambient project with one main goal and that is to create soundscapes Involving the lore and themes of the Alien & Prometheus universe. The music will encompass atmospheres of Horror & Space ambience.

Music written and produced by Alex Alexander. Cover art: Anne Terkelsen and Tainted Bloodline Designs. Album notes are taken directly from the Aphotic Apathy Bandcamp site and are its property.


*Perry, S. D., et al. Alien: the Weyland-Yutani Report. Titan Books, 2016. p. 47.




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