17 (Or, “There are only 62 days left before ‘ASH’ drops. Do you know where your AI is?”)


Michael Scudieri is at it again. At what, you ask? Well, read on and I’ll tell you…

As the days between today and the planned release* of ASH: A Fan Fiction Comic shorten, Michael has been teasing the graphic art he is creating.

Or as I have come to think of it, “Ash-ing“, i.e., the act of revealing just enough of the artwork and storyline of ASH: A Fan Fiction to keep interest at the DEFCON 4 level.

As in:

ALIEN FAN #1: “Have you seen the latest sneak previews that Michael posted for ‘ASH’?”

ALIEN FAN #2: “Sure did. Wow! Dude’s Ash-ing up a storm!”

Of course, going to such extremes to work the character’s name (and title of the graphic novel) into a post might be considered by some to be Ashen… <ahem>  I mean,  asinine.

But I am too old to care…

So as a decidedly Ashen fan, I present to you some of Michael’s more recent Ash-ing below.


Oh, and in case you wondered about the title, the answer is: that is the number of times the name “Ash” is used in this post.  (I warned you it was asinine!)


*Approximately 62 days.



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