A shibboleth for Alien fans?



Do you suppose that the proper pronunciation of H. R. Giger’s surname should be the shibboleth that grants a person entree into a certain degree of Alien fanaticism?


While browsing the interwebs for Giger information, I came across these two samples from Emma Saying, a free English video pronunciation guide.


It is curious that they got the first try wrong…


But the latest sample sounds terrific, even with a hint of an accent?



By the way, the term “shibboleth” has an interesting origin. In the Book of Judges, a group of Ephraimite soldiers have recently survived a battle. They attempt to cross the River Jordan back into their home territory. The river’s fords are secured by the enemy Gileadites. In order to identify and kill the Ephraimites, the Gileadites issued a challenge: “Say now ‘Shibboleth‘”.  The Ephraimite dialect of Hebrew sounded differently from the Gileadite, so merely saying ‘shibboleth‘ would be a dead give-away that you weren’t a Gileadite. According to the account, 42,000 Ephraimites fell to the sword, as a result.

Perhaps, upon reflection, Alien fans should not be so harsh about pronunciation, eh?





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