Whistleblowing: Ship Master Awarded Large Settlement In US Court



A couple of years ago, this story blipped up on my radar for story ideas in my Nostromo universe. Folks like my friend Jaime Prater like the riffs on the “whistleblower” theme that Ripley exhibits in the Alien movies, and this story is perfect for that theme.

This story, and the official hearing documents I obtained for further research, certainly do fuel an Alien-universe riff on this ship captain’s fight against his company…


By Charlie Goetsch – A United States court has awarded over $1 Million in damages to former Horizon Lines master John Loftus. Captain Loftus filed suit after he was abruptly removed as Master in 2013 due to his reporting of safety violations to the U.S. Coast Guard and its delegated inspection agency, the American Bureau of Shipping. Under the Seaman’s Protection Act (SPA), […]

Source: Whistleblowing: Ship Master Wins Large Settlement In US Court – gCaptain


Photographer Will Van Dorp has a post about this ship on his site Tugster: A Waterblog. Here are some photos he took of the old girl:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All photos property of Will Van Dorp (tugster.wordpress.com). Used with permission.



P. S. Expect to see something more about this on the site eventually. I’ve re-worked the Loftus v. Horizon Lines judgment into an Alien-universe storyline that might help add more depth to the unexplored areas of the world behind the movie events of ALIEN (1979).





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