Speculative Identities site offers ALIEN research material.



When I first stumbled over the Speculative Identities website, it was when I found their page on the Nostromo. I thought I’d share some other ALIEN-related page links, too.




Rich Bachman and Roger Strunck have created a well-presented site of research into science fiction visual design.

Roger Strunk &amp; Rich Bachman
Screencap from their website.



Besides ALIEN topics, you’ll find: the Back to the Future films, Colossus: The Forbin ProjectDoomsday + 1 (comic), Habitat (comic), Robocop (1987), Total Recall (1990), and several other items.

Included with the material they present, you will find links to other resources for further reading and enjoyment.

But on to the ALIEN stuff! The images below are hyperlinked to their respective webpages.


















Bachman and Strunk also support the work of other sci-fi visual design websites, including:

Sci-Fi Interfaces

Future Interface


Interface Love


Typeset of the Future (and Dave just launched a new book!)


Any one of these sites deserves a post of its own, but in the interest of quickly spreading the word, I’ve included them here.




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