“Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more.” Part 2



Having played the game through by the seat of my pants, and then by using game guides that enabled me to work through each level while snagging all 151 Archive Logs, 50 ID Tags, 10 Nostromo Logs, and 21 Blueprints, I decided this time around I was just going to have some fun… at least until the Big Chap showed up!

As I play through, I’m snapping pictures and taking notes of things, and I thought I would share them with you so you, too, can enjoy the richly-real game environment dreamed up by Creative Assembly and SEGA.



‘FastCraft’, and ‘Lunar Style’, magazines from the floor of the Torrens hypersleep chamber.



Torrens novel
Frank Herman’s ‘War in Totality” lies on the floor of the Torrens hypersleep chamber.



Guinness for Alien Isolation
For me, and strictly for medicinal purposes… to take the edge off! (And I was all out of Aspen Beer…)



Torrens cookbook
‘Naval Cookbook’ the first known cookbook seen in the universe of Alien; from the Torrens galley.



A very distorted version of B’rigitta’, by Dead Sea Navigators; located in the supply room off the entrance to the Spaceflight Terminal.


Have a listen:



The radio that plays ‘Brigitta’ by Dead Sea Navigators is found on the way to the Spaceflight Terminal.


Please take a moment and listen to the beautiful original version of the song:


We thought the power that was sold us, would help us to close in
but someone blew the tyres out, a sharpshooter whose eye was keen
does it matter if I can’t sing
i’ll head down south and pack it in
Brigitta was a fire eater, she breathed out instead of in
the crackle of the horse whip leather, come on i’ll buy you an ice cream
it doesn’t matter if you can’t sing
we’ll head down south and pack it in
it doesn’t matter if you can’t sing
the submarine is going down
and we’re gonna have a party




The ubiquitous “2000-KJVS Generator”; this one is in the control booth on the way to the Spaceflight Terminal. 



The magnificent view of the stars, and gas giant KG-348, from the Spaceflight Terminal direct vision viewports.


The “triple-mountain-peaks” logo is a nice touch, riffing on the three towers of the station. Notice the modified “High Radioactivity” sign at the top left of this billboard in the Spaceflight Terminal.



There is mystery within the walls of the Xing Xang, located in the Spaceflight Terminal.



Is this simply “Door 42”, or the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything (a Douglas Adams in-joke); in the Spaceflight Terminal.



Even when you’re away on space-travel, you don’t have any excuses for not phoning home; Vidicom in the Spaceflight Terminal.



Davenport Rye, the choice of discriminating tastes on Thedus!; billboard in the Spaceflight Terminal.



Whenever or wherever the need, Colonial Personal Freight Service stands ready to meet it; in the Spaceflight Terminal.



Could it be that Parker has the “CuppaJoe’s smile”?; in the Spaceflight Terminal.



I suppose it might be possible that Court’s Morning Muesli filled those containers on the mess table of the Nostromo?; in the elevator with Axel.







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