Alien models (and more!) at


The model galleries at have been in existence since 1999. The appearance and layout of the website (run by Wolfgang Bittermann) is a very welcome call-back to those early days of the Internet.

It includes a topical index, a community discussion forum, links to other sources of modeling news and tips, an awards showcase (sorely missing from today’s sites), and other nice details that convey the personality of a webmaster intent on sharing his enjoyment of science fiction model-building.

Here, without further delay, are the Alien models:

The Nostromo of Florian Ortner:

The Alien Derelict of Stefan Böttcher:

The Alien Derelict of Klaus Schaftner:

The Narcissus of Heiko Heerlein:

The Narcissus of N. Werner:

The Nostromo of Christian Vogel:

The Nostromo of Marco Scheloske:

The Sulaco of Wolfgang Bitterman:

The Sulaco of Jörg autumn:

Wolfgang’s website boasts around 500 model posts, including Star Wars, Star Trek, Aliens (more than I posted above), Battlestar Galactica, Babylon 5, Space: 1999, Anime and Mecha, Perry Rhodan (a real treat!), and more sci-fi and real space…. as well as figures modeling!

A real treat to the fan of model-building. I guarantee you will feel like you’re back in the 90s, except that you won’t be waiting for your dial-up connection to slowly load the pictures!

Check it out!



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