Service disruption report.




Weyland-Yutani Corporation 
Information & Social Infrastructure Business Unit 
Special Archives Section

To:    Lee Ho Fook, Acting Director
       Special Archives Section

From:  Fen Giddel, Consulting Archivist 
       Special Archives Section 
       The Nostromo Files

Re:    Services Disruption,
       Social Media Workflow
       Ref No: 2018.11.30


Automation has resulted in errant posting and subsequent errors in deleting those posts from archive. As this adversely affects those who use our services, I am hereby notifying you of this concern that my staff and I have discovered.

As you know, during my recent absence [Ref. HR FG4770958/2018-10-15], routine posting tasks were monitored by BO-TH-ER 1000, under the supervision of DEO Edina Monsoon.

Despite her oversight and the coding input into our old BO-TH-ER 1000 Series F computer, at least three items were posted in error.

DEO Monsoon is adamant that it was not her fault and insists it must, instead, have been my program coding that caused the problem. (Actually, she called it “Garbage In, Garbage Out” while pointing two fingers squarely at me. (Fingers that held a cigarette whose trail of smoke rose as thickly as did her accusations.)

As her supervisor, however, I must take full responsibility for the errant posts.

I would like to remind the Acting Director that our BO-TH-ER 1000 computer is shamefully out-dated compared to other systems used in the Company. (At this point, I would be satisfied with a MU-TH-UR Series 6000, models that are currently still employed on some of the Company’s oldest commercial ships, like USCSS Nostromo.)

I will post a notice of this service disruption issue to the archives site. It is also my sincere hope that this problem will not preclude future absences on my part; I know that you are not a man who enjoys “smooth sailing” and we strive to ensure that on a daily basis. (Even when DEO Monsoon has been into the vodka again.)





Let this in-universe post (between the fictional TNF Archivist and his equally fictional Director) serves as an apology for the errant posts and subsequent deletions from the site (and social media pages) to correct the matter. Comments on those posts were deleted and for that I express heartfelt regrets because I appreciate the input and encouragement I received from my friends here .


Oh, and I also wish you peace and joy — to you and yours — this Christmas season!


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