Announcing the Winner of the “Space-Trucking Women” Writing Contest!



And the winner is…


Ms. Cassidy Scott, of the USA!

Allow me to introduce her, in her own words:


The film, Alien, has definitely had a huge impact on my life. I used to be so scared of the Xenomorphs, but I decided to try getting over the fear and ended up loving the films. I’ve cosplayed multiple characters from the Alien saga (also not to mention I have a rather large Alien figure collection). I run a fan blog/page, and Alien is also what got me into the horror genre in the first place.

For this contest, I have written a poem about Ripley’s journey through the first film, horrified by the alien picking off her crew but determined to not suffer their same fate…



Cassidy penned an original work that evokes the tension, the fear, the horror, and the awe of deep space… all emotions with which our dear Ripley struggled over the course of the movie. Cassidy’s poem highlights an important facet of the Ripley’s personality that has endured through four films.

Without further ado, here is the winning entry of the contest:


Never knew what would happen going in
Never knew what hellish fate awaited me in time
Never knew so much would be changing
They avoided every sign
I’ve been betrayed and lied to
I’ve been thrown to the frontline
But still I decide to
I’m not backing down from this fight
I furrow my brow and run through the sirens’ lights
Hurled into a horrid nightmare
Fate has been so unfair
But still I survive
Are we on the losing side
As this threat takes hold?
Just let my instincts be my guide
As this story unfolds
The stars were so full of wonder
Until the killing began
But I can’t let myself go under
Because I know I can
The fire burns within my soul
So much has happened, it took its toll
This unseen beast of death and fear
Makes me think that bloodshed’s near
But still I survive

—by Cassidy Scott



As promised, Cassidy gets wonderful prizes for making the effort! I am sending her:

  • The official Friends of The Nostromo Files cup,
  • The official Friends of The Nostromo Files lapel pin, and
  • Heavy Metal’s The 1980 ALIEN Calendar (an added bonus for being an avid younger fan of the original Alien movie)




I asked Cassidy to share a few of her favorite cosplay photos with us, and here they are:










Cassidy is the second female fan of ALIEN (with whom I have made acquaintance) who is also a talented cosplayer. I am amazed at the creativity shown in these photographs and happy to share it with you.


Welcome aboard, Cassidy!  Special Thanks for taking the time to enter this original and thought-provoking expression of your appreciation for ALIEN, and for Ripley.


And to all you Friends of The Nostromo Files who shared the news of this writing contest on your own media sites, thank you very much.





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