A nod (or three) to Jon Sorensen.



We have a saying down here where I grew up: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” Wise words, and they apply to things in the ALIEN universe as well…


Of course, what I am referring to, specifically, is the fine work already done by Dominic Kulcsar (Alien Explorations) and Johnny Kennedy (Strange Shapes).

And the work to which I refer is their respective reference articles about Jon Sorensen: model-maker, SFX-creator, musician, and another ALIEN alumnus whose work can be found online.


My favorite photograph of Jon Sorensen, most probably from his collection.


But lest I digress beyond your patience, dear readers, here are the two articles I wish to showcase as I spotlight Jon and his work on ALIEN:


Click to visit Dominic’s article.



Click to visit Johnny’s article.



Jon released an eBook of his ALIEN work a few years ago, but it can no longer be found. A shame, really. Hopefully it will make a comeback with the 40th anniversary of the film next year!


Finally, I would be remiss not to mention Jon’s appearance on Dennis Lowe’s ALIEN Makers II. On the video page, you will find a link to Jon’s Alien 5 soundtrack!


Click to visit Dennis Lowe’s ALIEN Makers video page.



Special thanks, Jon, for sharing your experiences working on ALIEN with us over the years!





  1. Thank you so very much. ALIEN still stands as a superior original. The chemistry we had in the production team likely contributed to the alchemy of the original. We are still all very proud of the film and are humbly gratified to see that the fans and followers of the original grow with every passing year. There is an interview with me conducted by Dennis Lowe in 2009 at the website http://www.jonsorensencreative.com (On Alien),as well as some other bits and pieces which may interest people of an imaginative and “sense of wonder” complexion. God bless and happy trails and may your sense of wonder be ever undiminished.Take care of yourselves.

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