Site maintenance: Theme conversion & Photo Gallery Page



I have converted the site to the Textbook Theme. It has a breadcrumb navigation feature. It means that, as you work your way around the site, you will now find this sort of text over the Page Headers. It shows where you have been so you do not get lost!



In this example, you can click on any of the three pages linked in the bar (HOME, WELCOME TO THE NOSTROMO FILES, or OVERMONITORING ADDRESS MATRIX) to jump directly to one of those pages without using your “Back” button on your browser. In this example, the page link in white (DESCRIPTION 2080), is the current page you are reading.

The Theme keeps up all of this for me, so my feeble brain can focus on content.




In addition, I expanded the Photo Gallery page (PHOTO G on the OAM). There are now three links on that page: one for the new page that hosts the photo gallery of images used in my blogs; and two for Nostromo reference images that might be of use to those who build models, to those who draw blueprints and other art, and to those just plain fascinated by the USCSS Nostromo!




Kudos to the support team for their help.





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