Excuse the mess!



Apologies, dear readers! I have decided it is time to make some changes around here and I can only do it while the site is “live”.

That means it might look a little “un-Nostromo” for a few days…


Here is what I am planning to do:

  • As I add more pages to the Overmonitoring Address Matrix, finding your way around the site will become more difficult if I do not enhance the navigation options. So I am adding “breadcrumb” navigation throughout.
  • For the ALIEN model-builders and blueprinters, I want to make available all of my Nostromo reference photographs, close to 700MB of images.


Brett says it should take about 17 hours, but Parker insists at least 25 hours. (Every time I tell them to “get started” and “I’m on my way down”, I get some very ugly responses from them both!)


With these guys helping, I hope it does not take too long!


With Parker and Brett, who knows how long this will take?





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