Testing the waters for a “Who’s Who?” list idea.



As I come into contact with more and more fans of ALIEN across the world, I learn so much more about this movie that I fear there’s knowledge tucked away in far corners that might forever be lost as Time marches on.

A shame to lose this stuff.

What I am really interested in is compiling a credible database of the people who worked on the miniatures and special effects (SFX), some of whom were not credited.

I’ve been blessed to get to know some folks with industry connections, as well as fans who have followed ALIEN lore for almost 40 years now. The resources are there, waiting to be tapped.

Take a moment and answer this simple poll. It will tell me which direction to go with this idea. If it takes off, I imagine making it available as a cloud-based file that could be updated by those serious about bringing this about.

I’ve already pulled some information down from imdB.com and some other sites.



I mean, wouldn’t it be great to recognize, along with the major model-builders/SFX techs, those others who had a hand or two making ALIEN such a great movie that we still enjoy even today, in 4K?





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