Adam’s Nostromo set plans & models.



Adam Savage-Hill is one of my many ALIEN friends whose attention to detail often saves me from an unwanted trip ‘down the rabbit-hole’ (so to speak), when I have been overthinking my Nostromo thoughts!

I’m sure you have friends like that as well, and we’re the better for them, no doubt.

There is also no doubt that when it comes to drawing set plans and figuring out all the angles of the Nostromo set, Adam is my go-to guy!

Since we have had quite a few new folks joining The Nostromo Files, I thought it might be time to share out Adam’s Flickr photo stream, so you can see for yourself the work of one of fan’s imagination!


A teaser for what you will find at Adam’s Flickr Photostream.


And if you would like to learn more about Adam and how he came to be so steeped in ALIEN lore, have a look at this, won’t you?







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