“Kitty, crap! Jones?”



I couldn’t resist invoking Harry Dean Stanton’s exasperated line as Brett gets to the end of his rope, so to speak, over the recalcitrant Jones who just won’t be corralled.

Dayton has captured that defiance in his sculpt of the “kitty kitty” who won’t be caught:


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Sculpt update on "Sleeping Ripley" and Jonesy the Cat – ALIEN 79 – Nostromo 1:18 scale. I haven't had as much time as I would have liked to work on this piece last week but from what progress I've made, I'm hoping that I can complete both sleeping versions of Ripley – one for the Nostromo Sleep Chamber and the other for the Narcissus by the end of this weekend. For this update, I've attached the upper arms/shoulders to the torso as well as sculpted the boxers each crew member wears while in their pod. Next step will be the lower arms, sculpting the hands, then fitting the figure properly into the pod. No progress yet on the Narcissus version but that will change after tonight's session. May sound a little silly seeing that many consider these current projects as "customs" …but I've treated these static sculpt projects as if they were classical studies. I'm usually sculpting monsters or alien bodies so sculpting the human form is a real treat. Especially the female form which I consider a challenge. …and Jonesy the cat. I completed the sculpt of him in a sitting pose a couple years back. Next will be a standing pose featuring a ball jointed neck and a sleeping version of Jonesy all curled up that will fit in both sleep chambers along with Ripley! I plan to do one additional variant of Jonesy hissing!! Quick update I know – more to come, promise. Had some fun with the camera this time around on some of the shots. Just found them interesting. #alien #ripley #jonesthecat #jonesy #nostromo #alien79 #sigourneyweaver #sleepchamber #humanform #sculpting #art

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