How do you say, “Alien”? (Or, I was updating the TDAN calendar, when it hit me…)



As I continue to make changes to The Nostromo Files website, I like to look for ways to make it appeal to an international visitor.


I have added additional release dates, for ALIEN, to the “This Date Aboard the Nostromo” (or “TDAN”) Google Calendar. You will now find release dates for ALIEN, both the 1979 original theatrical version, as well as the 2003 Director’s Cut, by country.

I obtained the release (and re-release) dates from the ALIEN page. If correction need to be made, please contact me?

Where possible, I included the title of the movie, as specifically translated for that country’s audience. (I used the English version for countries that I was not sure about. There are so many ways to translate “alien” that I feared trying myself!)


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As I read these translations, the beauty of our different languages was obvious. ‘Alien’ seems like such a simple word, but the filmmakers realize that sometimes the direct translation is not always the best. So we have these “alternate” names:

  • Alien, El octavo pasajero
  • Alien, de achtste passagier
  • Пришълецът
  • Alien, o 8º Passageiro
  • Alien, o Oitavo Passageiro
  • L’étranger: le huitième passager
  • Vetrelec
  • Votrelec
  • Alien: Das unheimliche Wesen aus einer fremden Welt
  • Alien – Den 8. passager
  • Tulnukas
  • Fazaei
  • Alien
  • Alien, el octavo pasajero: El montaje del director
  • Alien – den 8. passageraren
  • Alien – kahdeksas matkustaja
  • Alien – Le 8ème passager
  • Alien, o epivatis tou diastimatos
  • Alien: Ο επιβάτης του διαστήματος
  • Alien: Osmi putnik
  • A nyolcadik utas: a Halál
  • Ha-Nose’a HaShmini
  • Biganeh
  • Svetimas
  • Alien: Den 8. passasjer
  • Obcy – 8. pasażer Nostromo
  • Osmi putnik
  • Tuđin
  • Чужой
  • Alien – den åttonde passageraren
  • Yaratik
  • Alien – Das unheimliche Wesen aus einer fremden Welt


That being said, I have a proposal for you!


I want to create a collection of ALIEN fans speaking the name of the movie in their native language or dialect. These will be posted on a special page on the site.

Simple, right?

  1. Say the name of the movie in your native language/dialect.
  2. Send your sound file to me at thenostromofilesblog(at)
  3. Please explain in your email what country you are from and the language/dialect you are speaking.
  4. This is not limited to non-English-speaking fans; I love hearing accents as well! I would like to have a representation from each part of the world that visits this site.

To kick things off, here is my entry, from the US Deep South. Click on the image to open the sound file:




So that’s it!  In the meantime, I hope as the TDAN helps you enjoy your memories of ALIEN!




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