Numbers! (And thanks!)



I don’t normally check my website statistics, but have begun sending notifications when your website traffic is booming… and boy, has it ever been booming!


According to the data, the site had over 400 views on Sunday, September 9, over 500 views on Tuesday, October 2, and over 900 views on Thursday, October 4!







These statistics tell me that people are using this web site for what it is intended: as a resource for enjoying and learning about ALIEN and the Nostromo


people in the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, Australia, Hungary, Canada, Switzerland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Ireland, Brazil, Mexico, Norway, Japan, Denmark, Portugal, Malaysia, Sweden, Argentina, Finland, Slovakia, New Zealand, South Korea, Chile, Poland, Turkey, Belgium, Romania, Singapore, Croatia, Hong Kong SAR China, Belgium, Spain, South Africa.


Simply amazing…



It can be difficult to read my writing when English is not your native language. (Heck, it can be difficult to read my writing when English IS your native language, for that matter!). But if you ever need help understanding what I have written, or help researching the Nostromo, please let me know?


And a heartfelt “thank you” to all who visit! You made these numbers…




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