New adventures in costuming.



I have been keeping my eyes open for a likely jacket upon which to build my “Nostromo flight jacket” replica, and I think I may have found one!



This item is more ‘fashion’ than ‘function’, but living in the Deep South, I would never wear an authentic military flight jacket of any kind in the handful of winter-weather days we normally experience. It already has a little distressed look.



The next step would be to add a Nostromo patch to each shoulder, suitably distressed as this one below:


There is also a Company wings patch to place over the left breast pocket.

My wife (who has watched the film with me for over 30 years) is my chief advisor. So far, I have my pins from the Thinking Cap portfolio.  I have my stencils from Melissa (Moosh89) Klassen. I have cosplay advice from Ari Williams. And there will be more folks along the way with help, I’m sure.

There are several sites from which to get tips on making the jackets, so I will have much to consider. A few bits and bobs here and there and it should do fine!

My goal is a jacket that won’t be too obviously geeked out, except to keen Nostromo fans. Of course, the ship’s name emblazoned on the back might be a clue…


When I get this assembled, you’ll be the first to know!




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