Happy Anniversary, ALIEN: Isolation!



Friday, June 22, 1979: ALIEN was released (USA). Tuesday. October 7, 2014: ALIEN: Isolation is released. Though 35 years may separate the two, yet they share the same heart and soul…


For making this game so memorable, thanks to:

  • All the wonderful folks at Creative Assembly, for the blood, sweat, and tears it took to pull this off so well that the game is still lauded four years after its release.
  • Sega for publishing the game.
  • Alistair Hope (director).
  • Jonathan Court and Oli Smith (producers).
  • Gary Napper, and Clive Lindop (designers).
  • Clive Gratton (programmer).
  • Jude Bond (artist).
  • Dan Abnett, Dion Lay, and Will Porter (writers).
  • Christian Henson, Joe Henson, and Alexis Smith (composers).


ALIEN: Isolation’s awards (5 wins and 10 nominations):


BAFTA Awards 2015

Winner: BAFTA Games Award – Audio Achievement
Nominee: BAFTA Games Award – Best Game
Nominee: BAFTA Games Award – Best Music
Nominee: BAFTA Games Award – Best British Game
Nominee: BAFTA Games Award – Game Design
Nominee: BAFTA Games Award – Game Innovation


Behind the Voice Actors Awards 2015

Nominee: BTVA Video Game Voice Acting Award – Best Female Lead Vocal Performance in a Video Game: Andrea Deck (the voice of “Amanda Ripley”.)


iHorror Awards 2015

Nominee: iHorror Award – Best Horror Video Game: Alistair Hope


NAVGTR Awards 2015

Winner: NAVGTR Award – Use of Sound, Franchise: Mark Angus, The Creative Assembly
Winner: NAVGTR Award – Sound Effects: Mark Angus, The Creative Assembly
Winner: NAVGTR Award – Lighting/Texturing: Ben Hutchings, The Creative Assembly
Winner: NAVGTR Award – Game Engineering: The Creative Assembly


SXSW Film Festival 2015

Nominee: SXSW Film Design Award – Excellence in Title Design: Jon Mckellan


Visual Effects Society Awards 2015

Nominee: VES Award – Outstanding Real-Time Visuals in a Video Game: Jude Bond, Alistair Hope, Howard Rayner, and Oriol Sans Gomez


Writers Guild of America, USA 2015

Nominee: WGA Award – Outstanding Achievement in Videogame Writing: Dan Abnett (writer), Dion Lay (writer), and Will Porter (writer)

(from imDb.com)


And last but not least, the award of our ALIEN-loving game-playing hearts!



For your enjoyment, here are assets from the official website:


















And some from around the interwebs, a few that are clickably huge:













Cheers, all!




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