Lohr, on O’Bannon.



Matt R. Lohr speaks to Henrik Möller (Udda Ting podcast) about working on Dan O’Bannon’s Guide to Screenplay Structure: Inside Tips from the Writer of ALIEN, TOTAL RECALL and RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD.


I think you will enjoy hearing Lohr’s comments and stories, especially about a project that Dan’s wife, Diane, is working on!

Lohr also struck in me a very strong chord when he talked about the Lovecraft influence in Dan’s writing, an influence that is very evident in the events that lead the Nostromo crew to their fateful encounter with the derelict.

That mysterious sense of inevitability, of being drawn into something by unseen forces beyond human comprehension, is what keeps me coming back to ALIEN.



The interviewer is Swedish and the show begins in such, but he conducts the interview in English.


Click the link: 



Thanks to Dominic Kulcsar for sharing this gem!



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