The nimble nib of Michael Scudieri…and the heart of The Nostromo Files?



Hang in there, younger brother.  You got this! Even if this project was nothing more than the evocative drawings that you have been sharing with us, I would call it a great thing: ALIEN is the hallmark, and you have shown a remarkable ability to grasp the narrative that too many contemporary “fans” overlook…


the mystery….

the humor…

the irony…

And THUS, you are a likely successor to Archie Goodwin’s storytelling and Walt Simonson’s artistry…

I envy you these times. When I was about your age, we didn’t have access to the resources you can click and see. We pored over magazines whose DPI limited the amount of detail we could see. We couldn’t Tweet or Facebook Message our favorite artists with questions…

(Wouldn’t you agree, my friends? Cliff Erasmus, Dominic Kulcsar, Andy Rowlands, John Eaves, Dayton Allen, Scott Middlebrook, Adam Savage-Hill, Cinesfx Fred, Lee Stringer, Steve Howarth, Dominic Hailstone, Germáne Impache, Robert Brown, Charles Lippincott, John Mullaney, Simon Atkinson, Eric Moore, Lee Brimmicombe-Wood, Fred Blanchard, Dion Lay, Greig Bain, Matt Griffin, Christopher Doll, Pierre Drolet, Michael Okuda, Rick Sternbach, John Michael Eaves, Charles de Lauzirikia, and Ricardo Delgado.  If your name is included here, it is because you have had a positive influence in my appreciation of science fiction and/or ALIEN… and you have given me the time of day, so to speak, as I’ve asked my questions of you.  I know some of you don’t like these kinds of tags, but I simply ask you to familiar yourself with his name.)


I have such a heart for young people who are using the tools at hand these days to pursue their dreams. Young men like Michael make it easy to catch their dream…

So, Michael, know that there are many out here in the Network who are watching your works (or who are now aware of what you’re working on), thinking positive things about what we’ve seen, willing you forward in this project you’ve so generously shared, so selflessly bared…

And when that day comes ‘round when we get to talk Alien face-2-face, just remember: I’m a Guinness on tap, with a shot of Islay single malt, neat… what’ll you be having?


Bring it home, Michael…




For those of my friends who are new to Michael’s “ASH” project, please have a browse:

09/21/18 ASH nails Parker’s look of slack-jawed insolence

09/19/18 The motes near Brett’s eyes

09/17/18 “There is an explanation for this, you know.”

09/01/18 April showers bring May flowers…

08/23/18 The countdown has begun

08/21/18 “Space suit, space gloves…”

08/03/18 A minute with Michael…. and ASH – A Fan Fiction Comic

07/01/18 Lines…and sounds, from ASH: A Fan Fiction Comic

06/29/18 Mystery…by way of greebly!

06/22/18 ASH: Action!

06/15/18 “A call to the bridge,” from ASH – A Fan Fiction Comic

06/13/18 The engineering mind of Parker

05/23/18 Temp track your way into the ALIEN soundtrack

05/15/18 Updates from ASH – A Fan Fiction Comic

05/08/18 It’s a numbers game

04/28/18 A glimpse of ASH – A Fan Fiction Comic

04/06/18 ¡Que comience la revolución de Ash!

03/16/18 Nostromo sighting…

02/07/18 Connections, Ridleygrams, and the encouragement of creativity

02/03/18 The tip of the ASH iceberg

11/28/2017 Thedus patch sketches for the ASH project

11/10/17 “In the mean time, keeping up with Jones…”


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