Melancholy, with a shot of hope.



Today, my social media reminded me of the death of an old friend. So who would not be a little freaked out?

This friend died a year ago. Like most people, we grew apart after finishing high school (the one we attend between the ages of 13 and 18). We each got married. We each started a career. Later, we reconnected, thanks to social media.

I had known this friend since I was “knee-high to a grasshopper”, which in these parts means, “since I was very young and small”, and also: “for a very very long time”.  (I provide those extra explanations since I am reminded how my use of Southern American sayings sometimes brings confusion.)

Funny how these reminders bring back memories of laughter, hardship, growing up, and most of all: friendship, and what I did not realize at the time was a love the Greeks called “phileo“.

But enough crying in my beer…


I write this as a toast, as encouragement to those I have befriended through this amazing internet…

to those whose creative works excite me…

to those whose fannish appreciations delight me…

to those whose minds touch mine in tenuous yet significant ways…


I do not believe I ever had the opportunity to tell my dear-departed friend how much I valued having them in my life when they were there.

But I do have the chance to tell you, dear readers, how much I love reading your comments about the drivel I dredge up from C-Deck…

how much I love your patience as we break down the barriers of communication that stand between us…


I think maybe that is really why I have this site: to connect!


So, in honor of my friend, I say please remember that when you are doing good, never underestimate the effect you are having in the lives of others you meet (like mine, for instance), especially when you are not paying any attention.

That effort is never lost…


But forgive me:  I am not your father, your mother, your priest, your pastor, or your Pastafari.

Nope, just a fella feeling a little low who found this as a way to pay homage to a friend… to friends.


Slàinte mhath!  (with special thanks to Johnny K. for awareness of Gaelic subtleties).





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