Alien Covenant. Dominic Hailstone. 


If those four words got your attention, then you are going to love Dominic’s new website!


Ridley Scott’s latest installment in his Alien films brought forth a new slew of artists of which I had never heard.

Dominic Hailstone is one of them. And I see why he was hired for the film! The first images of his that I saw were these:



Image property of Dominic Hailstone and from his website.


Even though I am much more acclimated to this kind of horror art, I must say that it certainly brought back grisly memories of seeing H. R. Giger’s nightmare images created for Alien.

You will find much, much more to experience viscerally (I was going to say enjoy, but I’m not sure that’s quite accurate!) at his new website.

Without further ado, I will link you to it!  Enjoy!




Best of luck to you, Dominic!




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