“Echo station, we have spotted… a Weyland-Yutani walker?”



For your consideration: a “Halcyon Movie Classics 1/960 Alien Nostromo (HT03) Collector Limited Built” model kit. I have no doubt that this is indeed a Halcyon Nostromo, but as you will see, there have been some interesting modifications to this familiar kit…


The Description:


Whilst returning to Earth from the outer veil systems, “The Nostromo” receives new instructions from the company re-routing it’s [ sic ] course from Earth and placing it into an equatorial orbit around the planet LV-426.

Duty bound by their contracts, the crew have no option but to investigate the un-known distress signal beacon tat [ sic ] mother, their shipboard computer, has detected.

Captain Dallas, orders the detachment of “The Nostromo”, from the space refining platform, and they head for a landing on the barren, alien world of LV-426.

Finding the planet to be singularity in-hispitables [ sic ] , three of the crew suit up and set off to investigate the source of the signal. After a short walk they come across the remains of a derelict alien spacecraft and go inside.

Beneath the remains of the alien pilot they find a cache of alien eggs. One of which erupts, setting into motion a chain of events that will lead to the deaths of all but one of the crew and the destruction of “The Nostromo”.

Halcyon, a United Kingdom-based model kit company specializing in their PVC/Vinyl/injection kits for the “Movie Classics” line released in the late 80s and early 90s which including [ sic ] the stunning movie Alien and Predator, beautiful casting with great painted box art make it the most sought after item in the market.


Now, having read that, take a moment to browse the photographs of the model. (You can click on them to enlarge):






The Description focuses on the plot of the movie, but gives no explanations for the custom modifications made to the model.

For example, did you notice that the two forward protrusions on the ship’s bow (below the bridge “nose”), and the boom antenna along the port bow, have been replaced with some sort of drywall anchor?



And then there is the use of custom Imperial AT-AT “feet” for the landing gear:



I have seen a lot of modified Halcyon kit builds, and even partial builds sold online, but I have not seen changes like this before.

Most probably someone got hold of a kit that had lost its landing gear and antenna/tube parts, so the owner made some clever customized substitutions.

It would be prudent to mention that so that prospective buyers might be aware of the changes, since not all who seek a Nostromo model kit have seen researched the reference materials before-hand.

The seller (blueeagle1550 of Winnipeg, Manitoba) has a 99.1% Positive feedback rating, and is asking US $149 for the model. As of this writing, the expected delivery time is approximately 30 to 45 days.


You can 
read more about it at the eBay page.




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