Blaming Blade Runner (or When great movies happen to good people.)



Fans of SF on TV and film, meet Steve Howarth, an unassuming professional model-maker and fellow music fan I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know over the past year!


Since the mid-70s, I’ve loved science fiction, and that means physical SFX! Steve grew up with that also;

A portrait of the artist as a young man, with apologies to James Joyce

in fact, we have a common love for Gerry Anderson productions. But it would be years later when he saw Blade Runner, that special effects extravaganza on which he blames the re-kindling of his passion for making models!

He has built up almost 30 years’ worth of experience with that, having worked on a variety of tv shows and films with industry notables like Bill Pearson, Martin Bower, and Faisal Karim, as well as contributing to Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models magazine.

Steve makes model-making look easy, and his designs have that used-universe, journeyman look we all find so appealing. (If you don’t believe me, have a look at his Moon gallery!)

Every day I am surprised to learn about something new he has had his creative hands on! See for yourself at his website, Model Miniatures (click the image):

Steve’s work portfolio is impressive, and you’ll find one gallery that especially highlights his fine sense of humor!


And some of Steve’s work can be purchased here at his Etsy shop, named after his fantastic Time Machine miniature (click the image):


But if you really want to see him in action, check out his Vimeo channel (by now, you should know what to do):

The ship through which I came to meet Steve on the internet: The Talon! (She has a certain ‘Nostromo-esque’ look to her, does she not?)


Steve demonstrates construction techniques in this Video on Demand. Click the image and support him in his efforts to share the craft, won’t you? 



I have dropped enough data on you to fill up your cache for the rest of your day, if you have the time for it.  I did this for Steve because he’s the “real-deal”, a guy with a big heart for his craft and those who enjoy SFX, who doesn’t seek the limelight and realizes the privilege it is to work among the creatives he has befriended.

When you stop in to see Steve’s stuff, let him know “The Nostromo Files” sent you, will ya?


Cheers, Steve!





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