‘David’, in the hands of Dane and Matt.


My copy of Alien Covenant: David’s Drawings, by Dane Hallett and Matt Hatton, arrived yesterday afternoon via the hyperstate packet from Planet 4…and boy, it is a doozie!

The quality is well worth the price. The heavy-gauge cover for the hardback book and smaller softcover is a work of art in and of itself. The “spatial coordinate” graphics are done in relief against a weathered silver finish and really give it an otherworldly appearance.

It is an excellent showcase for the well-grounded work of Matt and of Dane, who were “unleashed” to enter the twisted mind of a character who has captured the imaginations of fans of Alien and of horror films! The artwork within reveals the creepy sketches of the Prometheus android’s dreadful imaginings while marooned for a decade in that “dire necropolis” of the Engineer city.

Of course, these products are all the more valuable when they have been personalized, and thanks to the patience of these young Aussie gentlemen, an inscribed bookplate graces the opening pages:

And now it is complete! I think that even David8 would be proud…

We are very fortunate to be offered such fine (and durable) collectibles by the folks at Titan Books. They continue to fine-tune their sensibilities toward movie tie-in materials with remarkable flair!

You can read reviews about the book at these links:

Hear the artists themselves talk about the work:

And if the book is not in your budget at the moment, you can enjoy AvPGalaxy’s gallery of art.

Sincerest thanks to Matt and to Dane for taking the time to sign the bookplate for me. And a very special shout-out to friend and sci-fi journeyman J. M. Prater, whose selfless devotion to his craft and generosity with his time played an enormous part in connecting these dots for me!

Cheers, all!


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