When ALIEN was an utter mystery…



Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed by all the details there are to know about  your favorite movie? Well, I sure do, and here’s my cure…


I came across this article today, written by Ryan Britt over a year ago.

38 years ago, journalists were pumped, with good reason.


In the article, he explores that memorable issue of Starlog (#23) that captured the attention and imaginations of so many fans that summer of 1979.

Those creepy photos.

The cool tech.

But nowhere did you see…

…the Alien!


When I wonder if I’ll ever remember the multitude of minutiae about ALIEN, I love to go back to the beginning, like Ryan did here, and discover it all over again!


Click here to read the Hopeful 1979 Starlog Cover Story About ‘Alien’ at Inverse.


P.S. As a bonus, he included a link to the online issue so you can read the magazine yourself.




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