The perseverance of Roberto Aguilera.




After looking at Roberto Aguilera‘s progress with his Halcyon Nostromo build, I think this old saying fits well:

“El que a buen árbol se arrima, buena sombra le acobija.”


That roughly translates in English to “If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well.”

Roberto’s work on his Halcyon Nostromo kit certainly is time well spent! Seeing it stimulates people’s interest in model building.  We can learn from his responses to comments about the build.

He recently hash-tagged one post “#perseverance”, which is a testament to his devotion with challenging model builds.

The last time we checked in with Roberto Aguilera, he was recreating the detailed paneling seen on the studio models!

He has been very busy since then, as you will see in the photos he posted on the Starship Modeler Facebook Group. Join me now as we go back to November 2017 and work our way to August 2018!


November 27, 2017





December 1, 2017




December 6, 2017




December 22, 2017





December 30, 2017











January 4, 2018



January 8, 2018




February 9, 2018



August 13, 2018













August 16, 2018




August 27, 2018


¡Persevera, mi amigo! ¡Los resultados serán fantásticos!


P. S. If you like what Roberto is doing with the Nostromo, check out his other work, including Star Wars models, at Starship Modeler on Facebook.




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