Aaron and the Xeno-hive, with extras from Steam’s Alien: Isolation community.



Sounds like a bit of a fairy tale, doesn’t it? But never fear, at the heart of today’s post is Alien: Isolation and two fans who get a great deal of pleasure (and fright!) from the game. But don’t worry, it is spoiler-free.

(И если русский язык – ваш язык, обратите особое внимание, пожалуйста, у меня есть несколько сюрпризов!)


I saw today that one of my favorite xenophiles, Corporal Hicks, was tweeting an update about his Alien: Isolation playthrough. To encourage him on his quest, I sent some handy items in case his pack was running low:



(By the way: I dislike the term “xenomorph”, and prefer “Big Chap”; however “Big Chap-phile” just looked too odd. But I digress…)

As I was digging around the interwebs for those images of the Smoke Bomb, E. M. P., and Noisemaker, I re-visited a cool website and wanted to share it with you.

So much work was done for Alien: Isolation that it could not all be included in the game. The folks over at Steam Community have provided a place for gathering items as choice and helpful as any of the items you can cobble together in the game to distract those Working Joes, or the Big Chap!


Click the image to visit the Steam Community website.


For example, did you know the storyline change from the original idea?

That’s right! Want to read what was originally envisioned? Click the image below to learn (and download) more about the Alien: Isolation Cut Mission Scripts.



I love this game as much as I love ALIEN (1979). I enjoy reading the film’s numerous script versions, so I treasured reading the storylines written for this game’s richly consistent universe.

In the Guides section, you will find a universal game guide, a guide to the symbols found aboard the station, an achievement guide, even three guides written in Russian!

I have played the game quite a few times. Now I enjoy playing through to gather up all the goodies, and these guides are helpful for that. Click the images below to see the guides.



У меня не было времени перевести руководства на английский язык, чтобы проверить точность, но я надеюсь, что они будут полезны, когда вы играете в игру!  Удачи!

And good luck, Hicks! The Hive is tough and scary, but you can do it!




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