Your Man from Havana: Dead Sea Navigators.


Without spoiling the game, let me just say that this track, by Dead Sea Navigators, can be heard in Creative Assembly’s Alien: Isolation

…if you’re brave enough to take the time to find it, that is!

You may have read earlier about my new obsession with Dead Sea Navigators, but if you have missed out, here is a list of their music that is available online:

Click the link to visit DSN’s website.

Fans of ALIEN are a discerning lot, finding great joy in the little details of the film.

Accordingly, it was no surprise at all when the fevered fannish minds at Creative Assembly crafted a game that makes me want to break out into hyperbole when I describe the pure joy of the experience!


So, I’ve managed to establish a hyperstate comms channel with the folks behind the quirky atmospheric music of Dead Sea Navigators. Claire and Steph have been very accommodating to this stranger from America with a jones for ALIEN… and good music.

And good music it is. I enjoy that Steph sings with an accent (I am an unabashed Anglophile); Claire’s drums are complementary, restrained, like a friend’s responsive nods and “right”s when listening to you tell a story. Nik’s (who I have yet to correspond with) bass likewise weaves through things, understated but the strong third leg in this triad whose arrangements are so tight and well-played.

But see here: don’t just take my word for the spell they weave! Look here at some press that pegs it rightly:

I was curious about Dead Sea Navigators when I learned their songs were in Creative Assembly’s game. But as I explored more about them, I admit that their appeal goes far beyond that. Their music puts me into a state of mind that is like reading a book, or watching a movie… hearing a tale about someone else’s life, told in stream-of-consciousness from their emotional heart.

Not saying the songs are autobiographical; but they are nice little peeks into the lives of people on the edge of things… reaching out for something beyond the dead sea of their current circumstances.

So, in typical fashion for me, I’ve composed a playlist so that I can surround myself with their music:

I enjoy the vivid images that their music invokes within my imagination, so I am  sharing it with you, the readers of this site, in hopes it will resonate with you as well.

I think you might enjoy Dead Sea Navigator’s music if you give it a fair listen. It is not all about wine and pretty roses; its characters are some pretty messed up individuals, but there’s enough humanity in them that you can make a connection with their pain… and their joy.

The earnest craftsmanship of their work is well worth your time.

I hope one day to explore the connection that brought Dead Sea Navigators to Creative Assembly’s Alien: Isolation game.  (My biggest regret is that I won’t be able to tease that story out of them over a few pints…)

But currently, “One of Use (Remastered)” is playing, so I must wrap this up and begone!




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