“Space suit, space gloves…”



“…Lookin’ sharp, lookin’ for…” <cough/blush>

Oh, sorry. After looking at the elements in the latest panel teased from Michael Scudieri’s ‘Ash’ comic, I suddenly heard the opening riff of ZZ Top’s Sharp Dressed Man in my head! So I thought, hey: what an unconventional hook…


All kidding aside, I get excited to see the latest graphic goodness Michael chooses to show off. And this one is no exception.

Here: a space-suited someone seems to be accelerating further into the creation that is ASH: A Fan Fiction Comic!



(That detail on the suit arm, above the glove, all the way up to that samurai-style sode at the shoulder! Nice work there, bud!)


Post script: Oh yeah, if you find the chords of Sharp Dressed Man running through your head, click here for a trip back to 1983 with “That Little Ol’ Band from Texas.”




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