Once more around the sun, Charles!



Today, Alien universe social media is brimming with news that Charles de Lauzirika is celebrating a birthday!


Photo from Art of the Title


Charles’s experiences behind-the-camera with Ridley Scott’s Alien universe films might put him beyond the reach of fans of the films, yet he has always conducted himself with warmth, humor, and patience whenever I have interacted with him.

So, for his birthday, here are a few humble “thank yous”:

  • Thank you, Charles, for your award-winning work on the:
    • Alien Quadrilogy set!
    • Blade Runner Special Edition!
    • Twin Peaks: A Limited Event Series!  and the
    • Alien Anthology Blu-ray set!
  • Thank you, Charles, for Crave (2012)!
  • Thank you, Charles, for writing those interesting Nostromo crew biographies hidden on the 20th Anniversary DVD!

Have a great birthday!

What say we meet later out at the Speedy Maxx terrafoil track and race a few rounds? Parker’s got those babies purring like a kitten!





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