Call for Submissions: “Space-Trucking Women” Writing Contest.


Listen up, female fans of ALIEN (1979)! The Nostromo Files website is seeking original writing from you!

I thought that a writing contest might be an interesting diversion while we all wait for the dust to settle with regard to the future of the franchise.

Instead of looking forward to the new characters, though, it would be interesting to shed some light on some old friends. The subject for this series is the female members of the Nostromo crew:

The perspectives of each of these three, to the events in the movie, was varied and dictated by their unique personalities. In a similar way, the perspectives of female fans of Alien are also unique… and worthy of collecting for a writing contest!


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Stretch your imagination!  Please choose the style that is most comfortable for you and allows you to tell your story with ease. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me through INTERFACE 2037 for clarification.

All entries will be published on The Nostromo Files website April 26, 2019, part of its observance of ALIEN Day.  Readers will have the chance to vote on their favorites. From these results, I will award prizes for 1st Place and Runner Up.

Material submitted for this contest may also be considered for inclusion in future content for the Overmonitoring Address Matrix.


  1. Send your writing and any accompanying images or artwork to me at:
  2. Type: Space-Trucking Women in the Subject line.
  3. Include a brief bio to introduce yourself, your interest in Alien (1979), how you currently engage with Alien fandom, and why you chose your particular subject.
  4. If you decide to include graphics, include specific instructions for how you would like them presented in the material when published.

Deadline is October 11, 2018.

Please share this news with anyone you think might be interested in contributing to this exciting glimpse into the lives of some of our favorite characters from the film!

Special thanks to for their scripts library!




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