Yutani Blog is One Year Old!



Happy Birthday, Yutani Blog!

When Muthur9000 invited The Nostromo Files to join the celebration, we fired up our own AI, a BO-TH-ER 1000 series computer system, and instructed the old boy to record a birthday message.

Give Yutani Blog’s anniversary podcast a listen to learn about the site’s beginnings and its future.  (Click the image.)


Meantime, here’s a little treat we’ve worked up for the occasion…

(It works better when viewed on YouTube at fullscreen.)



And here’s BO-TH-ER 1000’s birthday message.


For those who need translation, here is the text of the message:

“Today is July 20, 2018. Yutani Blog is celebrating its first year. I am BO-TH-ER 1000, the A. I. of The Nostromo Files website. Along with our admin, Fen Giddel, I am here to wish muthur9000, and staff, a very happy birthday. Or at least as happy a birthday as a computer is programmed to have. Ha. Ha. Ha. That was a joke.”



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