“…intercepted a transmission…”



Weyland-Yutani Corporation 
Information & Social Infrastructure Business Unit 
Special Archives Section

To:    Lee Ho Fook
       Acting Manager 
       Special Archives Section

From:  Fen Giddel, Consulting Archivist
       Special Archives Section
       The Nostromo Files


The following message was intercepted while I was routinely monitoring archive data file transfers.

It appears to be part of a correspondence between one Graham J. Langridge and someone named “Darrell C”.

(Our archives shows Langridge is maker of popular science fiction blueprints; there is nothing on this “Darrell C” personage.)

I thought you might find interesting the fact that the message includes information about something called ALIEN: THE BLUEPRINTS BOOK.

The message was somewhat garbled in the beginning, but we have been able to clean it up so that the response is quite clear…


## NTWRK477943/ABA ##
DATE: 30 JUL 2018

DARRELL C: Hi, Graham! How have you been? (garbled transmission) what news (garbled transmission) about the status of your blueprints book?

GRAHAM LANGRIDGE: Very much alive and well, book was punted to next year to coincide with the 40th Anniversary of ‘ALIEN’, which is fitting I think. I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and it’s been a very long tunnel! Deckplans for the Nostromo; Narcissus exterior blueprints and I’m finishing up a couple of interior views as I type; The Betty, a couple of views of the Covenant; Hadley’s Hope exterior perspective views from a new 3d computer model I made plus an exterior plan; interior perspectives of OPS and MedLab; exterior views of the Atmosphere Processor; Dropship views in both flight and attack modes and section cuts; the EEV exterior views; some Fiorina 161 interior plans; the Covenant ‘Lifter’; Daihotai Tractor, Prometheus RT-01 and RC-01 Rovers; the Sulaco Dropship Hangar….plus a whole bunch of others. Of course you’ll see the Nostromo and Sulaco exterior views and the APC and Powerloader too (garbled transmission)…

I apologize, Manager Fook, for the quality of the following image, but as you know, my budget request for imaging upgrades was denied by your office. At any rate, this is apparently the subject of the message above:

Due to the seeming sensitive nature of the contents of this book, we have forwarded the transmission to the Division of Special Operations, Office of Media Tie-Ins, for their attention.


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