New Nostromo figures, and Nostromo set models.



What do you do when you have built fantastic Nostromo set models, and a new set of Nostromo crew figures has been announced?

Two friends of The Nostromo Files have considered an idea in a similar fashion, as you will see in the posts and comments at the links below…


New Nostromo crew figures were displayed at San Diego Comic-Con 2018, produced by ReAction/Super 7. My friends, Adam and Fred both caught the excitement, reflected in their own unique personalities.


From the UK, we have Adam of The Nostromo Unplugged:



From France, we have Fred, of Nostromania Fred


It seems that the old collectibles may never go completely out of style, which is comforting to those looking to complete their collection of ALIEN merchandise.

And maybe some enterprising film-maker will pick up the gauntlet..?


Note: if you have never seen the model work of these two gentlemen, you can do that here, and here.





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