Making connections across the universe of Alien.



I had the pleasure of meeting Billy Mansell through our Twitter accounts recently. And as my fevered mind is wont to do, it started making connections right away!

Billy Mansell has an acting career that spans Snatch, EastEnders, and in 2017; Alien: Covenant.


Billy as Engineer


I enjoyed reading about his time spent with Alien: Covenant in Corporal Hicks’s doom-dispelling interview that included Billy… and some very enlightening comments about what was depicted in the film!


So, what connections did I make from learning about Billy? Well, it starts with this, quoted from his Twitter account:

I’m a full time actor who Loves costuming (cosplay) Bass guitar, love metal music heavier the better and love Sci-FI but love my kids more than any of the above


As beautiful a statement as they come, giving wonderful insight into what drives charming Billy in his creative endeavors.


And here is proof of the Bass/metal music end of that disclosure, as well as the sense of humor of its author:


And as I cast back through my mind to other fans of the Alien universe who also enjoy playing metal music (and the fever banked down), I remembered two others: Álvaro and Michael.


Álvaro G. Plata has a site called, where he posts his music and also the Alien soundtrack remastering project:



Here’s a photo of the man in his element:



The second connection is  Michael Scudieri, whose ASH: A Fan Fiction project is known to many fans.



Michael also puts his musical talents to work with his THUS project, having borne the fruit of three albums, with a fourth on the way.


The musician as album cover model.


Having made these Alien-metal music connections, I would take this opportunity to introduce Billy Mansell, Álvaro G. Plata, and Michael Scudieri to each other…


Billy, meet Álvaro and Michael…

Álvaro, meet Billy and Michael…

Michael, meet Billy and Álvaro…


Who knows, with digital technology and the internet, maybe we’ll hear something ‘alien’ and collaborative from these guys some day?

That would be a cool connection, indeed!


Cheers, guys!




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