Pardon our progress: New adventures with blog templates.




Control Voice: “There is nothing wrong with your web browser. Do not attempt to adjust the resolution. We are controlling transmission from The Nostromo Files.”


In my on-going attempts to open up more topics on the Overmonitoring Address Matrix, it is a struggle to keep the sight navigable. Some topics are only one or two links deep; others are deeper.

This template uses “breadcrumbs” to aid in navigation. You can see them at work if you dig down into the Crew bios. It will allow a viewer to jump backward as far as they’d like. That way I don’t have to keep up with nav links in the page itself.


I have also changed the “home page” to the visitors directly to the OAM. There is a link there to the blog.


Please bear with me while I try this current template. WordPress has beautiful templates to choose from, so it takes significant effort to “ugly it up” for a look I can live with.


If you’d like to leave me your constructive feedback about what you DO like, please do. (Just please avoid variations of “It’s total crap!”, if you don’t mind? I am already mostly down that road already…)


Thanks, in advance, for your patience,





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