In Memory of Darren Edward Lee by Project Acheron

I am sharing something shared with me. In this life, there is no greater love than to give of one’s self in the lifting up of another’s burdens, to make a connection on the spiritual level that is all too easy to overlook in this world. I learned today of a very special gentleman who did just that in the life of Project: Acheron’s admin… despite the certainty that his own life’s end was clearly in sight. Thanks to Muthur9000 and Project: Acheron for sharing, and to Darren Edward Lee (may he rest in peace). Maranatha, friends!


Darren Edward Lee

In Memory of Darren Edward Lee (17.3.75 – 22.5.18) I struggled with how to begin this video as there was not really an appropriate enough way of saying what has happened, on the 22nd of May we lost an amazing man by the name of Darren Edward Lee. Everyone here on the channel would probably know him best for his massive contributions the Alien Awakening Animated Series leading originally to its conception and its growth into project supported and cared for by so many that if he were here right now I know he would be proud of it, myself and more so his friends and his family will know him for the kind, caring, passionate and loving person that he was to everyone around him.

Darren began talking to me around about June last year. Originally, he began to comment on my videos and shortly after wished to help…

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